Do you Believe in Magic? (part 1)

The details of this topic have near infinite variations, to do it justice I had to divide this post into three parts to cover most major aspects. You are currently reading part one.

The idea for this post was inspired by the current Muslim uproar in reaction to Katy Perry’s latest music video (Dark Horse) where an Egyptian man is incinerated into a pile of sand by Queen Cleopatra (Kety Perry) using her magical powers. The man appears to be wearing a necklace carrying a pendant with the word Allah on it alongside about a dozen other chains/pendants and symbols.

Yes, predictably over 60,000 Muslims worldwide gathered in angry defense of the all mighty and powerful allah whom Katy Perry supposedly insulted. I am sure allah was very pleased with the petition outcome as now the word allah has been taken out/deleted/blurred or whatever it is they did to make it go away on the YouTube version of the music video.

See, all Muslims know that allah likes to watch You tube videos in his spare time (Think of it as a hobby.)

And now that the symbol is removed from the You Tube version of the song, allah can safely resume watching it again without being too bummed out about seeing his name on a necklace worn by a guy who gets demolished by a woman’s magical powers.

All is good in the Muslim world now. No problems what so ever exist…

The irony of the entire situation has so many angles that I am having a hard time figuring out what to mock more; the side splitting stupidity and superficiality of those who engaged in initiating this petition and signing it. Or the emptiness that occupies the minds of those (Muslims) who sit and dissect music videos in such a manner to create chaos over absolute nothingness and manage to succeed at it.

What are you doing watching Katy Perry dude? Shouldn’t you be off somewhere doing a downward dog for the almighty?

But wait there is more! Now that Youtube was actually witless enough to be bullied by some 60,000 easily angered Muslims with nothing better to do with their lives but to raise their voices against a music video. Now that they have deleted the symbol from the video (shortly after the signatures were gathered), does that actually make things better?

Does that mean that POOF and WAHLAH! the symbol has been taken off all channels, off the original video, and in fact they managed to go back in time to a point during the actual shooting of the video and took it off the man’s neck there too?

Or does this create the illusion that things have been made better?

And what world problems does this actually solve?? Who was helped by deleting the allah symbol? Whose life was axiomatically improved by this action? Who did Youtube save? Besides they themselves avoiding a minor noise induced headache? What rights were actually conserved here? and most importantly whose??

How was the world made a better place by the making of this petition, the signing of it or the You Tube response to it?

What message is being delivered to those, like myself, who fight every day of their lives for basic freedoms like freedom of speech and expression?

Those of us who lived decades of forced silence and induced terror by the likes of those who created, carried on and signed this petition along with their insecure puny allah? What message is being delivered to those who took time and placed effort into suppressing others?

Whose feelings are being cared for here?

Do you really think allah’s feelings were hurt by Katy Perry? 

If you do, you might want to consider sitting down and rethinking your religion and it’s deity. I would suggest a large cup of some dark roast coffee while you are at it…because you obviously need to wake up.


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