Mother and child

“The child should believe that ‘p’ is true, in such a way that nothing will shake this belief” (White 1972a)

A question that keeps getting tossed at me is (So when did you decide to leave Islam?) My usual response is “I am one of the few cases in which indoctrination has miserably failed” and here is when the eye brows customarily get raised. For one to actively decide to …


What is in a word?

Words are curious little things. They’ve always fascinated me with their ability to preserve thoughts, convey ideas, and spark emotions. It is wondrous, really, the way that through so many different perceptions and possible interpretations, we still manage to generally agree on what words mean. This is why I find …


Are religions similar to capitalist businesses?

A certain Orientalist thought process among some Muslims and some Non-Muslims seems to be rooted in the assumption that Islam essentially represents some kind of resistance to capitalism and colonialism. The narrative that Islam is an alternative to ‘Western’ ideas of capitalism, globalization, and neoliberal economics, is at times touted …

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The Absurdity of Abraham: The troubling morals of Eid al Adha

On a late October morning in 1994, the nation woke to the stirring pleas of a young woman who had just experienced every mother’s worst nightmare. Through her emotional and all too convincing sobs and sniffles, Susan Smith riveted the world with her heartbreaking story of the burly black man …