The Humanist Quran – Al-Hikmah – Chapter 1 – Al Fatiha

1:1 In the name of humanity, of elevating compassion , and of rationality
1:2 Praise and appreciation is [due] to the pioneers, those looking to understand the Worlds –
1:3 The Exceptionally Courageous, the Unfailingly Inquisitive,
1:4 Knowledge reigns sovereign over the days of the future.
1:5 We refuse to worship but seek to understand.
1:6 May we be guided to the straight path –
1:7 The path of Salk, of Borlaug, of Newton and Darwin, who saved lives and bestowed knowledge, not of those who have evoked the worst of our animal instincts and led us astray.

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Note: This will initially follow Quranic ordering of chapters but will be re-organized for language and content flow down the road, many of the stories in the Quran are out of order and repeated. Moses for example is mentioned in 2 dozen different chapters instead of in a consolidated narrative.


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