Why gender segregation might not be the solution.

"Besides, it's not really discrimination if it's against chicks."

Gender segregation: Reducing any and every interaction between men and women to sex since forever. Because, men and women being together in one room – especially public lectures – obviously always leads to a big fat orgy. Some days ago I was in a public lecture about Malala, and since it was all men and women in one room, that did lead to a big fat orgy. It was just fantastic.

Perhaps, it will make sense to simply put everyone in these isolated rooms. What makes Islamists think that putting all men in a separate room and all women in a separate room will NOT lead to an orgy? In fact, this last orgy I was in that took place in the lecture about Malala, far too many women were going down on women. And many men were going down on men.

Oh no, wait – maybe even putting everyone in isolated rooms would be wrong. Because, you know, that will lead to masturbation. So much masturbation.

So maybe everyone should simply be dead. Or something. That would be the end of all orgies and masturbation and sex.

But even being dead – people still end up going to heaven or hell, right? So what do you do when people masturbate and have orgies in heaven and hell?

Seems like there is no real solution or way to end sex altogether in the way that Islamists want to. Oh well. That sucks.

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