Empowering? Really?

When I asked this question as a little girl, here is the answer I was given: “Women are just created by Allah in such a way that the responsibility lies with them. With great beauty comes great responsibility.”

Hahaha, what the fuck, honestly.

I understand that there are women who haven’t known any other way, they may have not reached the level of awareness that I have (perhaps). Many women who adorn genuinely aren’t aware of the harm it does. That’s because a lot of what it stands for has been “normalized” now. But that’s precisely why questions like this need to be brought up again and again, so that the debate keeps going on, and awareness keeps growing.

As far as the question on the meme is concerned: It is because men cannot stand the idea of being deprived of their identity or not being able to show it. It is only the powerless who should be faceless as well. If veil was actually empowering – men would adorn it with pride as well. But, no.

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