Letter to God

A letter I wrote just before I stopped believing in Islam for good:

Dear God,

Do you even exist? Or am I wasting my time just like I did with all the praying and fasting. What kind of a god burns a Buddhist in hell for eternity? Especially since faith is predetermined. You are not a god at all. You are a sadist. You don’t deserve my worship. What kind of a god creates homosexuality and then punishes it? What kind of god allows his Prophet to “marry” a 17 year old Jewish girl after beheading her father and husband. What kind of marriage is that? Where is the consent? What kind of a god allows his Prophet to marry a 6 year old child? Where is the “political benefit” in that? Her dad was already Islam’s biggest champion. What kind of a god sends a holy revelation permitting his Prophet to marry his adopted son’s wife? You have to admit it seems a little suspicious. Especially since the revelation came after the Prophet saw her half naked. I would think God has more important matters to attend to. The massacre of millions of nonbelievers in the name of religion comes to mind. What kind of a god makes it okay for men to marry 4 times and still have sex slaves? It’s in your sacred book. Don’t try to bullshit me. On that same note, why are men allowed to beat their wives according to 4:34? I thought you were merciful? I’m starting to doubt that. What kind of god allows it’s followers to live like shit beetles cutting off arms indiscriminately, while the rest of the world advances towards freedom. What kind of a god allows children to get raped? God’s plan? Where is the wisdom in letting a child get penetrated? Do you hear the child’s screams? I thought you are the all-hearing? Or do you only listen when you feel like it? Will the rapist burn in hell for eternity for what he did? Wasn’t he predestined to do it? What if he’s a Muslim? Will he still get to fuck virgins in Paradise? Or will he get little boys like you mentioned in your book? La ilaha il Allah. There ya go. I can’t goto hell now God 😉 . You promised.

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  • Grapes

    What is the name of the 17 year old Jewish girl who was forced into sex slavery after her father & husband were murdered?

    • Her name was Safiyya bint Huyayy. In fact, according to Ibn Ishaq’s biography, Muhammad ordered her husband Kinana to be tortured since the Islamist invaders could not find the Jews’ hidden treasure. He was eventually killed when he continued to refuse. My claim that Safiyya was raped is further proven by the fact that Muhammad’s companion, Abu Ayyub, stood outside Safiyya’s tent with a sword while Muhammad “consummated” his marriage. Keep in mind this was happening immediately after her husband was tortured and brutally beheaded over something as trivial as treasure. Why would a Prophet of God need gold? When Muhammad asked Abu Ayyub why he was standing there, he is reported to have responded: “I was afraid for you with this woman for you have killed her father, her husband, and her people, and till recently she was in unbelief, so I was afraid for you on her account.”

  • John Staines

    This is amazing. I am stuck at home with all of these questions in my mind and many more but I can never become agnostic until I can financially back myself. That won’t happen until after uni which means i’m forced to believe this shit and have it shoved down my throat. I need an answer though Ali, should I tell my parents about my agnosticism even when i’m living on my own or not?

    • It sounds like you’re already an agnostic but are in the “closet” so to speak. If coming out to your family as an agnostic will affect you financially, I would definitely not bring it up just yet. After you move out, it certainly depends on your relationship with your parents as well as well as the question of your personal safety. I’m not as qualified to answer this since I’m still struggling with it myself. You should contact one of the founders of EXMNA. Follow the “join us” tab on the main website. They can definitely help you out.

  • Dr

    You guys r really brave to come out and discuss such topics which can pose potential threat to not just you but your loved ones. It’s heart warming to see that few of you have ideologies that differ from d ones scripted in the name of religion. I do hope more ppl will understand the essence of humanity than religion

  • KKY

    The brave are joining in monotheism/Islam,and real they h’v got the desired of creation and they are in real truck(straight path),and they h’v studied before, but those who knew nothing in Islam are those who join other religion against Islam like Christianity and others.

    Man was not left free since creation, but was given a way to follow, then choice to decide either that of natural (Islam) or that made by man him self for his/her own sake.
    So that they will e rewarded there after.

  • KisahMelati

    This is how I feel about Allah and his messenger.

  • Doodle

    I am God.
    Dear muslims, who asked you to call me by name Allah?
    I am beyond your senses and imagination and yet you say I spoke to moses and many so called prophets and angels?
    Who said I created jannah, angels, jinn, adam and satan? it is your imagination!!
    I am beyond space and time and you say I am in jannah or I am sitting in a throne? You wrote in quran 67:17 to 67:19.
    Thus you define me in your own way but if non muslims calls me by different names, imagine forms of me and try to worship me in their ways you attack them!! who gave you the right to ridicule other religions and harm others?
    Lastly I don’t condemn anyone for eternal damnation for their finite crimes they do. Do not threaten others with hell fire.