Letter to God

A letter I wrote just before I stopped believing in Islam for good:

Dear God,

Do you even exist? Or am I wasting my time just like I did with all the praying and fasting. What kind of a god burns a Buddhist in hell for eternity? Especially since faith is predetermined. You are not a god at all. You are a sadist. You don’t deserve my worship. What kind of a god creates homosexuality and then punishes it? What kind of god allows his Prophet to “marry” a 17 year old Jewish girl after beheading her father and husband. What kind of marriage is that? Where is the consent? What kind of a god allows his Prophet to marry a 6 year old child? Where is the “political benefit” in that? Her dad was already Islam’s biggest champion. What kind of a god sends a holy revelation permitting his Prophet to marry his adopted son’s wife? You have to admit it seems a little suspicious. Especially since the revelation came after the Prophet saw her half naked. I would think God has more important matters to attend to. The massacre of millions of nonbelievers in the name of religion comes to mind. What kind of a god makes it okay for men to marry 4 times and still have sex slaves? It’s in your sacred book. Don’t try to bullshit me. On that same note, why are men allowed to beat their wives according to 4:34? I thought you were merciful? I’m starting to doubt that. What kind of god allows it’s followers to live like shit beetles cutting off arms indiscriminately, while the rest of the world advances towards freedom. What kind of a god allows children to get raped? God’s plan? Where is the wisdom in letting a child get penetrated? Do you hear the child’s screams? I thought you are the all-hearing? Or do you only listen when you feel like it? Will the rapist burn in hell for eternity for what he did? Wasn’t he predestined to do it? What if he’s a Muslim? Will he still get to fuck virgins in Paradise? Or will he get little boys like you mentioned in your book? La ilaha il Allah. There ya go. I can’t goto hell now God đŸ˜‰ . You promised.

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