The Start of an End IV

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The start of an End III

This is the story of a woman named Faith

Faith was a timid young woman and quite the eccentric one

she was of serious character but never did mind a little fun

she had anxiety about dogs which she aspired to overcome

some negative past experiences with man’s best friend

rendered Faith untrusting of the animal;  around it she was constantly on the fend

serious faith was welcomed to a work party one day

she ummed and ahhhed in worry and dismay

There would be a dog there, she knew this to be fact

and this specific breed was known to fiercely react

but Faith trusted in her friends and finally let her guard down

She attended the gathering which was way out of town

to her pleasant surprise there was no dog in sight

happy Faith laughed and conversed endlessly through the night

a delightful weekend event this gathering was intended to be

only she woke up the next morning to dismayingly see

that her friends had gone out to run a variety of errands

she was left all alone, that was readily apparent

suddenly the steps of the 4 legged creature came to sound

the fear alarm in Faith’s heart and she began to potter around

perhaps the animal was here for another reason

outside, after all, it was the snow season

perhaps it wanted to eat, warm up and rest

but what would happen next Faith would’ve never had guessed

Faith was hunted by the beast and taken down like prey

yet somehow, miraculously, she managed to get away

devastated Faith knew not what to do

so she defaulted to the only thing that she ever knew

to suffer alone the indignity and the shame

for she knew too well who the people would blame

but silent Faith could take it no more

she broke through the wall of fear; speaking against the dog

the beast that everyone had trusted and lovingly adored

Faith was labelled a problem maker…a fabler

the dog could do no such thing, for it was a hero; a saviour…

No one saw the attack. Where was the evidence?

she only wants attention claimed those driven with ignorance

Lost Faith would eventually give in

to the depression, anger and hate boiling within

we can offer you no help they said; you need the loony bin

Faithless Faith gave up all hope

she gave up her career and found a new scope

of humane practice that helped her heal from her wounds

she found love and acceptance; a life within Faith bloomed

though she moved on with her life; became a mother and a wife

burdened she remained by memories of the strife

Faith’s message to us is not one of Boo Hoo

look at me, my poor luck and what should I do

patient Faith speaks not out of selfishness and definitely not out of hate

lets get that out of the way and set the record straight

what was equally devastating yet appallingly true

was how people reacted once she spoke…once they knew

the message here should be loud and perfectly clear

blaming the victim is cowardice; it is a sign of fear

Please stop adding insult to injury by outright denying such claims to be true

Just think of it this way:

How would you feel IF IT HAPPENED TO YOU?

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