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It’s about time we listened to those speaking honestly about Islam

Obaid is a free speech advocate and Ex-Muslim. He was born in India and grew up in Canada. His love for science eventually lead to his abandoning Islam. Obaid can be reached via Twitter @obaidomer.

Islam is a religion of peace; this has nothing to do with Islam, not all Muslims, we keep being told these tired old tropes by our politicians and pundits. It’s time for our politicians and media to start speaking the truth. It is also well past time that when our policy makers seek advice, they start looking for new sources. So far the people we hear from are apologists that tell us the same thing.

There is a group of people that need to be heard and sought after for advice when it concerns Islam, Ex‑Muslims.

There is a group of people that need to be heard and sought after for advice when it concerns Islam, Ex-Muslims. Before you say what do Ex-Muslims have to say about Islam listen to their stories. People who left Islam, for the most part, know the religion better than those who practice it. We have left the faith because we looked at our religion and tried to find reasons to stay but could not and were appalled by what we saw.

Ex-Muslims are affected by policies that are made about Islam, take for examples the travel ban that Trump had instituted. There are Ex-Muslims that come from countries on the ban, and they might lose amnesty or re not able to leave. We also face bigotry from those that are truly bigoted they will not care to ask if we are former Muslims or if we still practice. We also face threats from within the Muslim community including for quite a few their families. Lastly, we face accusations of bigot from people who wish to protect minorities. This last thing is especially hard; we are a minority within a minority when we are in the West. In Muslim countries we are minorities and in most case, deeply hidden out fear of imprisonment, torture, and death.

Ex-Muslims have a huge stake in this discussion, and we are being left out. Take a look at those that are advising our leaders and what they say. You have been given the same narrative for far too long, and it is not working. Islamic terror attacks have become so part of our lives that we have come to expect them. Some then blame our governments our policies and look for those who will tell us what they want to hear.

The problem of fundamentalist Islam is far too important a topic to not have a multiplicity of voices and we the Ex-Muslims are the best friends you can have in this battle of ideas. Ex-Muslims do not want policies that will hurt our families and friends who are still Muslim. Shutting us down in the West has a huge effect in Muslim countries. Ex-Muslims are killed in Muslim countries sometimes by the population who have formed a mob; this happened to Mashal Khan in Pakistan at his university when his fellow students and faculty shot then beat him to death for questioning Islam. In the West we are called bigoted and re being shut out of social media. Facebook just recently shut down Ex-Muslim and atheist groups due to complaints from Islamic groups. The EU is demanding harsher penalties for people who speak out against Islam. Muslim countries have asked for identities of users who blaspheme. Pakistan also called for shutting down pages it found blasphemous. Saudi Arabia has declared that atheists are terrorists.

There are very few people who are talking about the problems with Islam honestly. I am asking that you start listening to more voices and ask our leaders to do the same. Ex-Muslims need to be heard just listen to us.

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  • Deplorable_Pam

    If you are an “ex” Muslim then you are not a Muslim at all therefore you should not identify as “Muslim” that will stop what you’re trying to call bigotry.
    Look, you above all people know the truth about Islam and know EXACTLY Islam’s intentions for the West. Therefore I should think that YOU would be fighting to stop Islam at all costs. It is you, the Apostate who will be executed if America is turned from the House of War to the House of Islam as required under Islamic Doctrine.
    If your “family” still identifies as Muslim do you think that it’s in your best interest to have them in America? The nation that gave you the Freedom to CHOOSE, without fear of repercussions, to leave Islam? If they are still practicing Muslims are they not obligated to instill Islamic law over the land of America and therefore over you taking your freedom of choice away from you? I should think that this would not be something that you would want. I think that the problem is that you have a very difficult choice to make, but make it you must. You cannot have both. You cannot have Islam and freedom. As you well know they are antithetical to each other.

    It sounds to me like you are making this far more difficult than it need be. You appear II want to draw attention to your self as an ex Muslim. You know that in doing so you will draw bigotry from the Muslim Community. Most Americans have caught on to the truth about Islam regardless of the political lefts attempts to bury, apologize for, or flat out lie about it. Of course Americans do not want people living in their country that will kill them because they do not believe the same things. To us that is ridiculous, barbaric, & uncivilized. Most of us have not become accustomed to terrorist attacks and we do not want them in our country. We also know that Muslims are the reason that they happen. That is why we are hostile towards Muslims. You are correct we do not want your family members here. They are a threat to our very way of life. Only an insane person would want that.

    You have to make a decision. Either you want this new found freedom or you want your family. As practicing Muslims they’re a threat to you and to me. It matters not if they personally wouldn’t set off a bomb, they support those who would just by refusing to denounce Islam. Let’s get real, Islam is not a religion, not according to the Western definition of religion. We do not consider murder doctrines to be religious, those are cultist beliefs, not at all “Godly” and 100% illegal in our society. One does not simply get to around murdering ppl and declaring it a religion because one prays about it. That’s exactly what Islam is and does.

    If you simply introduced yourself to me with your name, we’d have no issues. If you introduced yourself as an “ex” Muslim I would have an issue with you because of the deceptive doctrine that you followed previously. Since Islam condones lying how do I know you are not lying to me? As a free person living in a free nation that is absolutely threatened by Islamic doctrine I have EVERY right to distrust you, dislike you, and not want you here. You threaten everything I hold dear most notably my children’s future.

    • john smith

      you have no fucking idea what ur talking about.

      • Telh

        And what is your point??

    • So I take it we should distrust all Christians & ex-Christians for the same reasons? Because Christian theocracy is a lot more likely to happen here than some form of Sharia law- in fact people arguing the most loudly against it are typically Christian Dominionists. Former Muslims are supposed to just completely erase/ignore their personal histories & cultural backgrounds, but ex-Christian atheists are fine. There are also many American Muslims in our armed forces, police that uphold American principles.

      • Anon

        When it comes to immigration policy, if we want an anti-terror and pro-freedom policy, then we need to look at which immigrant groups have the highest rates of terror and which have the most anti-freedom ideologies. In both cases, this would be Muslims.

        This does not mean that we distrust all Muslims, in my opinion. Personally, I trust Muslims that I know well.

        However, we know that if we bring in a large number of Muslims, some of them will be terrorists. If we bring in the same number of Christians, or atheists, or Hindus, or Jews, or Buddhists, probably either zero or a much smaller number will be terrorists. That is a fact, and if you want to call it “distrusting all Muslims” you can, but I call it noticing the facts.

        You can look at Europe with its larger Muslim populations and see the kinds of problems we can expect if and when our Muslim population gets as large as many European countries.

        If we had a way of determining for certain which people were really ex-Muslims, then I would be in favor of letting in an unlimited number of ex-Muslims, as well as non-Muslims, from Muslim-majority countries. I would love to have a growing minority of ex-Muslims.

  • Foroud

    It’s about time we listened to those speaking CORRECTLY about Islam.

  • QuiCreva

    You have my sympathy and support, friend. Although never Muslim myself, I have spent over three decades studying the religion, and agree with ex-Muslims on how oppressive and destructive it is.

    Alas, I have found that few forums welcome even valid criticism of Islam. Recently a post I made on Quroa was collapsed; my honest but negative evaluation of Islam was condemned as “hate speech”. Since when does Quora shy away from negative commentary? Some of the criticisms posted on that site about Christianity and Judaism are truly raw and offensive, but THOSE posts are not collapsed for being “hate speech”. Apparently, Islam is the modern sacred cow, the ONLY ideology that must not be mocked or even critically evaluated.

    Free speech and honesty are being sacrificed to protect the hyper-sensitive feelings of Muslims. It is even considered “hostile” to quote violent verses from the Qur’an, or hadiths that illustrate the criminal character of Muhammad! Truth has become “racism” and “bigotry” in the west, if it reveals anything unpleasant about Islam.

  • Telh

    I’m afraid you are going to have to ‘man up’ and suffer the consequences.
    Muslims and ex-Muslims are reaping the fruit of what Islam has sown for centuries.