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Saudi Arabia: Ahmad Al Shamri’s appeal denied, sentenced to death for atheism.

Ahmad Al Shamri, a young man in his early 20’s from the city of Hafr Al Batin has been sentenced to death after his appeal was denied by Saudi Appeals and Supreme Courts.

Many on twitter were celebrating and lauding the penalty with the hash tag #مرتد_حفرالباطن stating that it was in accord with Islam while others expressed support for Ahmad and sorrow at the state of affairs.

Ahmad was initially arrested on charges of atheism and blasphemy in April 2014. He was convicted by a local court and sentenced to death in February 2015.

Ahmad was accused of uploading content to social media including videos renouncing Islam , Mohammed and his daughter Fatima who holds special significance within the Shia sect of Islam.

The defense entered an insanity plea as well as asserting that he was under the influence of intoxicants – drugs and alcohol at the time he uploaded the videos.

[Defense attorney] Al-Mafleh added that that the commission of grave sin under the influence of alcohol and narcotics exempts the accused from criminal responsibility and places him in the category of [Islamically] judicially insane, based on the fatwa of Sheikh Mohammed bin Saleh al-Munajjid, where he confirmed that if those under the influence of alcohol “speak words of kufr, then they have not committed kufr,and if they attempt to divorce, they havenot actually divorced.”

A Saudi Islamic Affairs Ministry preacher Sheikh Abdallah bin Mufrih Al-‘Anzi stated that
“The phenomenon of renouncing Islam is not new; it began even in the era of the Prophet Muhammad, and Allah brought down the Koran verses in order to warn against it.”

Anzi also reiterated that the sentence for blasphemy is the same as for apostasy – death and no repentance was acceptable.

Additional news sources about the denial of Ahmad Al Shamri’s appeal and the 2014/2015 case



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  • Raphael Jarvis Sloan

    This is repugnant!

  • Hic Nuntio

    Why Im I not surprised about the outcome: Some animals have more compassion than most muslims.

  • Kimber Jones

    Islam, the religion of peace.

  • douglas gray

    One ex-Muslim claimed that 90% of Muslims believe that apostates to the Faith deserved the death penalty, but a prominent Muslim scholar corrected him, saying it is only 64%. In other words, worldwide, in Muslim Countries, nearly two thirds of Muslims believe in the genocidal murder of apostates.

  • douglas gray

    It is interesting to compare and contrast the view of Buddhism, as regards insulting a religious figure, with Islam. Buddha said that the insult belongs to the insulter, not the insulted, so just forget about it. Muslims want to kill other people if their prophet is insulted.

  • douglas gray

    I am really curious, Sarah, about the responses on Twitter, how many are in favor of him being put to death, how many are opposed, where they are from, what their age is, etc.
    I am no defender of Islam, by a long shot, but this is more about a sovereign government of a major nation supporting genocide against atheists in their own Country. Saudi Arabia should be immediately expelled from the U.N. as a rogue nation, and not allowed back in, unless and until this man is released and allowed to leave the Country.

  • Alt Centrist Lilly

    S——!!!!! If a known American apostate vists, will they suffer the same fait???

  • douglas gray

    I tried recently to post a comment about this in ARAB NEWS recently, but it was repeadedly censored. The gist of my comment was that the new young Saudi Prince is talking about “moderate Islam”. My point was that if the official judicial system of a Country sentences someone to death for becoming an atheist, there is absolutely no way this is compatible with the word “moderate.”