Women – An Irresistible Force

I watched the Maryam Namazie interview with the lady who was defending gender segregation. It is intriguing how she made MSA events look like feminist projects that will end up being abandoned because of the “Separate is never equal” movement. According to her line of reasoning, muslim women can only find agency if they do this:

1) Establish a platform and system of showcasing some men.

2) Then let other men run the damn show as if they did all the work.

3) Apparate in flowy abayas at the tail end of the event with “important” announcements (which offer some insight, to the mindful, of the drudgery that MSA really is).

So this is how muslim women come into their own in universities. That’s a pretty protracted, “if-you-build-it-they-will-come”, way of going about raising the ghosts of feminism past in order to find the player in you.

But it must be hard for some; the dissonance must be immense. All those flashy, spiritually-stunted, yet naturally endowed with the milk of human kindness, super-sensitive, unreliable–especially in a court of law, bearers of the next generation, companions of the soul, loose-tongued, vain, idle-minded, corruption-sowing, ‘perfectors’ of men’s deen, maintainers of their modesty, crafty as hell, rebellious bitches, spilling all over the hall, crossing the line, and coming over to the other side — the side of the room that aches to be the immovable object.

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