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No, Doc, you are NOT a hero for telling my daddy I’m a virgin

  Hey! Guess what the subject of this blog post is! Virginity tests! Again!!! Joy! But first, here is a bit of a preamble talking about my tone in this piece and my approach regarding critique of Islam in general. If you don’t want to hear it, you can scroll …


A Tirade of Snark to My Clueless Muslim Critics

Herein I unleash the snark. I can’t always wax gently lyrical. Context: My last blog post was about having conversations regarding sex and virginity with family, a musing exploration of the disconnect in exchanging ideas while trying to understand each other. This morning I approved a new comment on the …


Share your story: Voices of ExMuslim Women: Solidarity on International Women’s Day

EDIT: Happy International Women’s Day! The project is up. Choice excerpts here and the whole 7-part compilation here. The voices of women are underrepresented in the secular community as a whole, and especially among representations of ExMuslims. In an effort to make our voices and stories heard, here is an …