Virginity Tests and the People of the Internet

People are obsessed with women’s virginity. AND HOW, are they obsessed. And it’s fucking disheartening. I wrote a blog post about the time I was tested for virginity and because of that, the highest single search term to lead people to my blog ever is “virginity test”. Multiple times more than any combinations of my name, my blog’s title, or Ex-Muslim related terms. And I’ve blogged about a shitton of things. Because for some reason people are so obsessed with a piece of tissue and with invading the bodies of women to make sure it’s intact that they google how to conduct virginity test. This is equivalent to googling how to rape someone, how to assault them, how to stab them. What the fuck, fucking fuck fuck fuck the fuck off are you fucking kidding me? There are a lot of really weird things that people google–it’s the internet–but nothing comes up with this strange sort of obsessive frequency.

I’ve compiled a screenshot list of all the search terms of my blog in the past month–the past 30 days alone. The stuff in red are virginity test related things. The green and purple things are general WTF strange and sad things, respectively. Enjoy (or not).

search terms

oh, also!!!! Here’s a screenshot of what you get when you google “virginity test”. My blog post is hit no. 4. What an honor :/

google search



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