The ExMuslim Blogs and the Stories from Ex-Muslim Women project

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Hello folks! I have two important and teeth-chatteringly exciting updates.

A day I’ve been anticipating has finally arrived. I’m excited to announce the unveiling of a unique collaborative effort: The world’s first unified Ex-Muslim blog platform!

Check it out at http://www.exmuslimblogs.com/

The Ex-Muslims of North America has created this website to host several ex-Muslim blogs with various topics, angles, and focuses, including Between a Veil and a Dark Place, in one convenient location.

Here is an excerpt from the blog site’s mission statement:

The EXMNA believe that it is our duty to broadcast the gems of apostate intellectual discourse to the best of our ability, and for this reason we began work on bringing together various Ex-Muslim bloggers to form an apostate blogging community. Apostasy is not a monolithic ideal, and we aim to provide a platform to the wide variety of viewpoints in order to provide a more nuanced understanding of the issues around it.

It is a matter of pride to belong to this brand. It is a matter of pride to be able to say, I have an Ex-Muslim Blog. I’m so excited to continue to work with and within ex-Muslim communities.

It is an honor.

I would also like to announce that soon I’m going to be hosting a series of guest blog posts called Stories From Ex-Muslim Women. It will be a safe and anonymous (if the author so wishes) platform from which to share stories of apostasy.

If you are a woman who has left Islam or has experiences of religious constraint or oppression related to Islam or in Muslim-majority countries, then I invite you to message me with a query for your story.

Note: The below contact form is meant for private queries concerning the Stories from Ex-Muslim Women project. If you would like to leave a *public* blog comment, scroll down and do so in the box marked Leave a reply.

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